Taboos in Bars

A bar is a place where people take time off to have a good time. Therefore, the environment should be as chill and relaxed as possible. However, there are some things people do when either drank or undrunk that can make the atmosphere unbearable. These despicable acts or behaviors that spoil the ambiance are known as bar taboos. Being caught in these acts can have severe consequences on a patron.

Instances of these consequences include: being expelled from the bar for some time or forever if the offense they had done was very serious. Another consequence is being handed to the authority. And, in case the police are included in the story, it becomes a police case. Therefore, this article is going to take you through some of the bars taboos that no one should ever practice when in a bar. 

Excessive Drinking

Bars are established to make people feel good through drinking and getting drunk. People have different levels of getting drank. Some people like drinking little by little while others are fast-drinkers. Subsequently, these two groups get intoxicated to varying degrees. The fast-drinker gets intoxicated fast which can make them misbehave. These are the signs of excessive drinking:

  • Blacking Out

Overdrinking alcohol can make someone pass out in a bar. And being a social space where people get together to catch up with friends, colleagues over some drinks, it can paint the bar’s management in a bad light. Passing out in a bar came to be a taboo penalized by expulsion from the joint either temporarily or permanently. 

  • Vomiting

Drinking in bars is fun, and when a person has had enough, they always tend to be in denial concerning their levels of drunkenness, and they continue ordering for more rounds. The drinking past the normal level can cause alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is characterized by vomiting in common areas in a bar which is a common taboo in bars all over the world.

Many bars penalize these acts by charging the victim with the cleaning expense incurred during cleaning the mess they created. If the situation is life-threatening, the bar calls an ambulance which takes the person to the hospital. 

Presenting Fake Identification

People tend to take advantage of the commotions which are common in bar entrances to sneak into bars. This behavior is common among people who are still under the age of 21 years and want to access a bar and have their first drinking experience. If caught presenting a fake credential to security personnel in bars, one can be reported to the police who then remand the under-aged in a juvenile center.

In the US, possessing, and using a fake identification credential is a criminal offense which is the reason bars perceive this act a taboo.


Smoking of illegal drugs like marijuana is prohibited in very many states. The offense becomes even more serious if someone is caught smoking marijuana in a public bar. Management can take it upon themselves to report this act to the relevant authority who are better equipped to deal with such offenses.

Hence, it is a common practice in bars all over the world to outlaw possession or uses marijuana. Warnings in bars prohibiting this taboo are always displayed on entrances for people entering bars.


Tipping is a very contentious yet important issue that has been discussed a lot in and out of bars. Some people argue that tipping is promoting entitlement while others argue that tipping is a token of appreciation for good work done. However, it is important to point out that waiters do excellent jobs in bars and the good work is best appreciated with an appropriate tip. The tip goes a long way in adding to the finances of the people who render the services in bars.

Therefore, it is a taboo not to tip good services offered in a bar.

Violence and Sexual Harassment

These two heinous acts happen in the form of drunk fighting and sexual battery. They are considered among the gravest taboos in bars

  • Sexual Battery

Sexual harassment in any form is a taboo regardless of the contexts it happens. Be it in a public place like a bar or a personal space like someone’s bedroom; this act is a taboo. If two grownups are interested in each other, they should talk it out to reach a compromise. The compromise can be for the two people to leave together or they can fail to reach an agreement. The decision should be respected by both parties and not subject someone to acts of sexual harassment like groping, grabbing, touching and fondling.

  • Fighting

Fighting disrupts peace and is prohibited in bars everywhere in the world. Bar fights tend to escalate very fast, and it can involve those who were not in the act. Furthermore, the fights always end up with very many casualties. Therefore, bars take such issue very seriously and are always the first people to call the police in a case such events occur.

Final Words

Social joints like bars are established to be a source of enjoyment. Therefore, engaging in such bar taboos is against the spirit of people coming together to enjoy themselves.

Nina is a biologist and likes to spend some time with us. She also contributes a bunch of posts from time to time.