Couples: what size of mattress is enough for you?

Some things such as the right mattress size for you and your partner may sound like a trivial issue, but it is one of the most important stuff in your lives as a couple. For example, how you sleep determines the moods that you will experience the following morning. Also, the night is the time when you need to have the perfect moment with your partner to reflect on the happenings of the day. It is a time to relax and also make love as these helps in clearing the tiredness that is experienced daytime.

For these reasons, it is imperative to get the best mattress size for you and your partner. But which size is perfect for couples? If you are asking yourself this question, identifying the reasons behind having the appropriate mattress size will aid you in selecting one that perfectly suits your needs. Some of the benefits of choosing the best mattress size for couples include the following:

Aids motion isolation during sleep

During the night as couples are sleeping, some partners tend to turn in the bed many times. This turning is often nagging, especially if couples are sleeping on a small mattress that encourages close contact. The effect is worse whereby one of the partners is a light sleeper and thus keeps being woken up by the other as he/she turns in bed. For that reason, it is essential that couples find a bed that is large enough to ensure motion isolation during sleep. More importantly, such a bed is necessary when one of the partners turns a lot during sleep.

Motion isolation ensures that partners sleep without brushing and scratching each other in bed. Women especially tend to have longer nails and hair than their male counterparts. During sleep, when the hair or nails brush on the partner, it gives a nasty feeling that is enough to prevent normal sleeping. Therefore to ensure that such scenarios are not experienced, it is recommended that a couple should have a big bed that ensures that each individual takes their posture of choice during sleep.

Improves the general wellbeing of the couple

The significance of sleep to helping one achieve good health cannot be undermined. Scientists say that sleeping for the right amount of hours is necessary for the general wellbeing of any human being. An adult should sleep for an average of about 7 hours in a day. This can only be achieved when couples have the right mattress size that ensures that both sleep soundly without interrupting the other during the night. There are individuals who will hardly grasp sleep when they are sleeping very close to someone else. If you happen to be such an individual, find a mattress that is big enough to accommodate you and your partner comfortably.

Noteworthy is that for a couple, a sound sleep doesn’t necessarily come about naturally with an extremely large mattress. It is imperative that the mattress used is strong enough to contain the weight of the partners throughout the night. If the mattress tends to deflate easily, the couple will wake up tired. Therefore, the right balance between mattress size and quality should be struck.

It improves sexual life

Sex is significant for couples as it helps partners to bond more and improve their union. Therefore, having good sex is necessary, and nothing should be a barrier to fulfilling this cardinal bit of marriage life. A good mattress should ensure that couples engage in sex without having to strain in fitting on the bed. It should also be compact enough to absorb the pressure.

Prevents back pains

Many individuals who spend the more significant chunk of their day while seated behind computers are highly likely to experience back pains. A good mattress should have a soothing effect in aiding to ease the pain. For couples, sleeping on the wrong angles is also a precursor to backaches. The solution is finding the right size that will ensure that every individual sleeps in their best position. This will ensure that nobody is under strain during the night, and it will, therefore, promote healthy sleep time.

How to get the mattress size right

The truth is that there is no standard mattress size for couples. It primarily depends on the individual’s preferences and also their body sizes. Therefore, the surest way of ensuring that couples find the best size through trial and error. By considering their body sizes and sleep patterns, they can easily identify what exactly suits them, and they should settle for it. Additionally, the room size is also a significant factor in determining the bed size that can fit in. Therefore, if there’s a need to change the bed size, there has to be space creation. Some of the means of creating space include the following:

Get more organized

As a couple, you need to organize your bedroom together and eliminate what you don’t require. This enables you to have the ultimate bed size that fits your mattress of size. Organizing means that you need to do away with items that can be placed in another room instead of struggling to fit them all in the bedroom. Such items include things like the dresser. If there is a space for them to be placed outside the bedroom, it is necessary to remove them all and leave a large area for placing the bed.

Moving to a new house

Having a good mattress is an important thing that should even lead to moving of houses if the bedroom is not large enough to handle a big bed that suits the couple. Therefore, no couple should hesitate to change houses as they seek to settle on a room that allows them to place the bed of their choice. The move will prove to be positive in the long run as the above mentioned benefits will be achieved.

In conclusion, the significance of a couple having a large mattress that allows sound sleeping without struggling to fit the two cannot be overstated. It has been proven that a large mattress is an effective stress reliever as it aids undisturbed sleeping. If you are a couple, you need to select the mattress of your choice together. This will help you to consider various factors such as your body sizes as well as individual preferences of one another.

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