How to Get the Best Sleep

How to Get the Best Sleep

Majority of people know about the need to exercise regularly and eat right to stay healthy. But what about sleeping? Sleep is essential for good health and should ensure that we get the best sleep as we devote about a third of our lives sleeping. We all know what happens when you don’t have a good sleep. You will have reduced concentration and even feel sluggish during the day. Other problems linked to insufficient or poor sleep include decreased immunity and a higher risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. According to statistics, about four out of five people have sleep problems and get up feeling exhausted. So how do you fall asleep faster and get a better night sleep? Here is an exclusive look at how to get the best sleep.

Sleep has a vital role in your general health. Studies reveal that having lesser than 7-8 hours of sleep every night exposes you to increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. For your well-being, you should prioritize your sleep by making sure you get enough and quality sleep. Incorporating the tips above guarantees you the best sleep.

Be Stress-Free

stress free

Stress is one of the causes of lack of proper sleep when you are stressed; your sleep suffers you can control your stress by relaxing and meditating before you go to bed. Make sure that you free your mind by putting down your worries or concerns, delegating tasks and planning on the lists of things to do for the next day before going to bed. This way, your mind, and body get to relax and feel less stressed, and you will easily get the best sleep.

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Make Your Bedroom Darker

When it gets darker, the brain releases melatonin, a hormone that primes your body to sleep. Melatonin works simultaneously with your sleep schedule in regulating you sleeping and waking times. The hormone increases as the light dim giving your body a signal that its time to sleep. By keeping your room darker, it will help you get better sleep. Also, it is noteworthy to know that using tablets, phones and other electronic devices in bed blocks melatonin production hence disrupting your sleep schedule. Leave your devices behind and use blackout curtains in case of too much light coming from the outside for a pleasant and deep sleep.

Avoid Caffeine Late in The Day

An extra caffeine push through the afternoon feels energizing at work. It is a good stimulant to help you with your daily hustle. However, if you are trying to wind down, taking coffee will not work to your advantage. You should avoid taking coffee after 3 p.m. because the effects of this stimulant take longer to fade out of the system. This will ensure you get the best sleep by the time you get to bed.

Decrease the Daytime Long Naps

Though short daytime naps are helpful, irregular or long anytime naps may have adverse effects on your sleep. The long naps bring confusion to the internal clock, therefore, giving you a hard time to sleep at night. According to a study, people who frequently took day time naps ended up feeling sleepy during the day and had insomnia at night. Nevertheless, short naps improve brain function and concentration.

Say No to Alcohol

Drinking a couple of alcoholic drinks during the night influences your hormones and sleep. According to scientific research, alcohol causes snoring, disrupted sleep patterns and sleep apnea. It reduces the production of melatonin which leads to poor sleep.

Have Consistent Sleep and Wake Times

Your body aligns itself with sunset and sunrise on a set loop of sleep schedule. You may have probably noticed that you feel sleepy at a specific time and wakes up at around a particular time. Having consistent and regular sleeping and waking time has a long term effect of giving you good sleep quality. Inconsistent sleep patterns disrupt your melatonin levels and circadian rhythm affecting your sleep.

Have A Comfortable Mattress, Pillow and Bed

Have A Comfortable Mattress, Pillow and Bed

A comfortable sleeping platform has a significant impact on your sleep quality. It’s not a surprise that some people get the best sleep in hotels. This is because of the high bed quality as well as the calm and relaxing environment. Study statistics on a new quality mattress showed that its enhanced sleep quality by sixty percent alleviated back pain by fifty-five percent and reduced shoulder pain by sixty percent. Though expensive, replacing your beddings after some time may give you the best sleep. Ensure that you upgrade your beddings after every five years. Check online resources to know about Sleep Education And Product Reviews

Regular Exercise

The scientific study supports exercises as one of the best ways on how to get the best sleep. However, you should not perform the daily exercises very late in the day as its stimulatory effect may cause sleep problems. In people who have severe insomnia, exercises lead to increased total sleep time and reduced fall asleep time by about sixty percent.

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