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    Couples: what size of mattress is enough for you?

    Some things such as the right mattress size for you and your partner may sound like a trivial issue, but it is one of the most important stuff in your lives as a couple. For example, how you sleep determines the moods that you will experience the following morning. Also, the night is the time when you need to have the perfect moment with your partner to reflect on the happenings of the day. It is a time to relax and also make love as these helps in clearing the tiredness that is experienced daytime.

    For these reasons, it is imperative to get the best mattress size for you and your partner. But which size is perfect for couples? If you are asking yourself this question, identifying the reasons behind having the appropriate mattress size will aid you in selecting one that perfectly suits your needs. Some of the benefits of choosing the best mattress size for couples include the following:

    Aids motion isolation during sleep

    During the night as couples are sleeping, some partners tend to turn in the bed many times. This turning is often nagging, especially if couples are sleeping on a small mattress that encourages close contact. The effect is worse whereby one of the partners is a light sleeper and thus keeps being woken up by the other as he/she turns in bed. For that reason, it is essential that couples find a bed that is large enough to ensure motion isolation during sleep. More importantly, such a bed is necessary when one of the partners turns a lot during sleep.

    Motion isolation ensures that partners sleep without brushing and scratching each other in bed. Women especially tend to have longer nails and hair than their male counterparts. During sleep, when the hair or nails brush on the partner, it gives a nasty feeling that is enough to prevent normal sleeping. Therefore to ensure that such scenarios are not experienced, it is recommended that a couple should have a big bed that ensures that each individual takes their posture of choice during sleep.

    Improves the general wellbeing of the couple

    The significance of sleep to helping one achieve good health cannot be undermined. Scientists say that sleeping for the right amount of hours is necessary for the general wellbeing of any human being. An adult should sleep for an average of about 7 hours in a day. This can only be achieved when couples have the right mattress size that ensures that both sleep soundly without interrupting the other during the night. There are individuals who will hardly grasp sleep when they are sleeping very close to someone else. If you happen to be such an individual, find a mattress that is big enough to accommodate you and your partner comfortably.

    Noteworthy is that for a couple, a sound sleep doesn’t necessarily come about naturally with an extremely large mattress. It is imperative that the mattress used is strong enough to contain the weight of the partners throughout the night. If the mattress tends to deflate easily, the couple will wake up tired. Therefore, the right balance between mattress size and quality should be struck.

    It improves sexual life

    Sex is significant for couples as it helps partners to bond more and improve their union. Therefore, having good sex is necessary, and nothing should be a barrier to fulfilling this cardinal bit of marriage life. A good mattress should ensure that couples engage in sex without having to strain in fitting on the bed. It should also be compact enough to absorb the pressure.

    Prevents back pains

    Many individuals who spend the more significant chunk of their day while seated behind computers are highly likely to experience back pains. A good mattress should have a soothing effect in aiding to ease the pain. For couples, sleeping on the wrong angles is also a precursor to backaches. The solution is finding the right size that will ensure that every individual sleeps in their best position. This will ensure that nobody is under strain during the night, and it will, therefore, promote healthy sleep time.

    How to get the mattress size right

    The truth is that there is no standard mattress size for couples. It primarily depends on the individual’s preferences and also their body sizes. Therefore, the surest way of ensuring that couples find the best size through trial and error. By considering their body sizes and sleep patterns, they can easily identify what exactly suits them, and they should settle for it. Additionally, the room size is also a significant factor in determining the bed size that can fit in. Therefore, if there’s a need to change the bed size, there has to be space creation. Some of the means of creating space include the following:

    Get more organized

    As a couple, you need to organize your bedroom together and eliminate what you don’t require. This enables you to have the ultimate bed size that fits your mattress of size. Organizing means that you need to do away with items that can be placed in another room instead of struggling to fit them all in the bedroom. Such items include things like the dresser. If there is a space for them to be placed outside the bedroom, it is necessary to remove them all and leave a large area for placing the bed.

    Moving to a new house

    Having a good mattress is an important thing that should even lead to moving of houses if the bedroom is not large enough to handle a big bed that suits the couple. Therefore, no couple should hesitate to change houses as they seek to settle on a room that allows them to place the bed of their choice. The move will prove to be positive in the long run as the above mentioned benefits will be achieved.

    In conclusion, the significance of a couple having a large mattress that allows sound sleeping without struggling to fit the two cannot be overstated. It has been proven that a large mattress is an effective stress reliever as it aids undisturbed sleeping. If you are a couple, you need to select the mattress of your choice together. This will help you to consider various factors such as your body sizes as well as individual preferences of one another.

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  • How to Get the Best Sleep

    How to Get the Best Sleep

    Majority of people know about the need to exercise regularly and eat right to stay healthy. But what about sleeping? Sleep is essential for good health and should ensure that we get the best sleep as we devote about a third of our lives sleeping. We all know what happens when you don’t have a good sleep. You will have reduced concentration and even feel sluggish during the day. Other problems linked to insufficient or poor sleep include decreased immunity and a higher risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. According to statistics, about four out of five people have sleep problems and get up feeling exhausted. So how do you fall asleep faster and get a better night sleep? Here is an exclusive look at how to get the best sleep.

    Sleep has a vital role in your general health. Studies reveal that having lesser than 7-8 hours of sleep every night exposes you to increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. For your well-being, you should prioritize your sleep by making sure you get enough and quality sleep. Incorporating the tips above guarantees you the best sleep.

    Be Stress-Free

    stress free

    Stress is one of the causes of lack of proper sleep when you are stressed; your sleep suffers you can control your stress by relaxing and meditating before you go to bed. Make sure that you free your mind by putting down your worries or concerns, delegating tasks and planning on the lists of things to do for the next day before going to bed. This way, your mind, and body get to relax and feel less stressed, and you will easily get the best sleep.

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    Make Your Bedroom Darker

    When it gets darker, the brain releases melatonin, a hormone that primes your body to sleep. Melatonin works simultaneously with your sleep schedule in regulating you sleeping and waking times. The hormone increases as the light dim giving your body a signal that its time to sleep. By keeping your room darker, it will help you get better sleep. Also, it is noteworthy to know that using tablets, phones and other electronic devices in bed blocks melatonin production hence disrupting your sleep schedule. Leave your devices behind and use blackout curtains in case of too much light coming from the outside for a pleasant and deep sleep.

    Avoid Caffeine Late in The Day

    An extra caffeine push through the afternoon feels energizing at work. It is a good stimulant to help you with your daily hustle. However, if you are trying to wind down, taking coffee will not work to your advantage. You should avoid taking coffee after 3 p.m. because the effects of this stimulant take longer to fade out of the system. This will ensure you get the best sleep by the time you get to bed.

    Decrease the Daytime Long Naps

    Though short daytime naps are helpful, irregular or long anytime naps may have adverse effects on your sleep. The long naps bring confusion to the internal clock, therefore, giving you a hard time to sleep at night. According to a study, people who frequently took day time naps ended up feeling sleepy during the day and had insomnia at night. Nevertheless, short naps improve brain function and concentration.

    Say No to Alcohol

    Drinking a couple of alcoholic drinks during the night influences your hormones and sleep. According to scientific research, alcohol causes snoring, disrupted sleep patterns and sleep apnea. It reduces the production of melatonin which leads to poor sleep.

    Have Consistent Sleep and Wake Times

    Your body aligns itself with sunset and sunrise on a set loop of sleep schedule. You may have probably noticed that you feel sleepy at a specific time and wakes up at around a particular time. Having consistent and regular sleeping and waking time has a long term effect of giving you good sleep quality. Inconsistent sleep patterns disrupt your melatonin levels and circadian rhythm affecting your sleep.

    Have A Comfortable Mattress, Pillow and Bed

    Have A Comfortable Mattress, Pillow and Bed

    A comfortable sleeping platform has a significant impact on your sleep quality. It’s not a surprise that some people get the best sleep in hotels. This is because of the high bed quality as well as the calm and relaxing environment. Study statistics on a new quality mattress showed that its enhanced sleep quality by sixty percent alleviated back pain by fifty-five percent and reduced shoulder pain by sixty percent. Though expensive, replacing your beddings after some time may give you the best sleep. Ensure that you upgrade your beddings after every five years. Check online resources to know about Sleep Education And Product Reviews

    Regular Exercise

    The scientific study supports exercises as one of the best ways on how to get the best sleep. However, you should not perform the daily exercises very late in the day as its stimulatory effect may cause sleep problems. In people who have severe insomnia, exercises lead to increased total sleep time and reduced fall asleep time by about sixty percent.

  • Kung Fu tea

    How to Brew Kung Fu tea

    Kung Fu tea brewing is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony where someone prepares tea to either friends or guest and presents it in a certain ceremonies manner. Chinese are so obsessed with this traditional custom practice to the extent that every single step of the entire process has its purpose and a unique name.   

    Despite this tradition custom having been founded by early Chinese many years back, it’s still done up to date. Kung Fu Cha, which is the Chinese tea brewing process, uses a Yixing teapot that takes up high temperatures during the brewing process. High temperatures matter most in the preparation process since it helps extract flavour from Oolong (classes of Chinese tea leaves). If you are a Chinese or alien and have a fantasy in knowing how to brew Kung Fu tea either for you or for your family, read this article. It will help you achieve your desire.

    Before preparing Kung Fu tea definitely, you require equipment to take you through the process. Therefore, before we look at the brewing procedure it is good we highlight the material you need.

    source: Liquid Image Co
    1. Yixing teapot
    2. Teacups
    3. Kung Fu Tea tray
    4. Tea Tools- tea shuffle, tongs, funnel, tea needle, wooden scoop, and digger
    5. Tealeaves
    6. Faircup
    7. Tea Strainer
    8. Water kettle
    9. Hot water

    With that equipment in place, though some are optional, you are set to go and brew your Kung Fu tea.

    The Procedure of Brewing Kung Fu Tea

    brew kung fu tea

    1). Once you are satisfied, all your equipment are in a good state, pour hot water inside the teapot, cups and pitcher and clean them thoroughly. The Chinese call this step the purification stage. It involves cleaning all accessories and lensing them to remove any impurity like dust that would otherwise contaminate the tea. Cleaning and rinsing signify that the ritual has begun.

    2). If you are preparing Kung Fu tea for a group of people or guest, show them the tea leaves by waving it up so there can appreciate it. They can also smell it if they so wish. Chinese believes that this step helps to harmonise people together as they wait for the actual tea.

    3). Once everyone has smelled the tea leaves, use the wooden scoop to scoop some tea leaves into the teapot. The amount to use seemingly depends on the type of tea leaves you are using and the number of people present.

    4). After you pour tealeaves into the pot, pour hot water in a circular motion. It is vital to make sure you hold your water kettle high to increase the force of water as it hits the tea leaves. Ensure you do not stop pouring until the pot is full. Chinese believes that cutting short the pouring process of hot water into the teapot would have a significant effect on tea.

    5). Once the teapot is full, use the pot lid to remove any bubbles or debris on the water surface then close the pot using the same cap. Any bubbles created during the pouring process are believed not to harmonise Kung Fu tea effectively.  

    6). Once you close the lid, let the tea steep for about 30 seconds and transfer it to a pitcher. A pitcher acts as a holding vessel before the whole process of tea making ends and the harmonising process initiated. It is vital to note that at this point, tea is not still ready to drink. This step is only useful in rinsing and unfurling the tea leaves. Kung Fu tea brewing takes a series of steps before the actual tea is ready for consumption.

    7). Since the teapot is empty of water but has tea leaves, pour hot water again but at this point do not raise your kettle high since doing that would cause the tea aroma to escape rapidly. When the pot is full, use the lid to remove any bubbles created then close it tightly. Allow to stand for almost a minute and transfer it into the same pitcher with the previous tea. Here you will need to pour your tea gently to maintain the same temperatures.

    8). The number of times you infuse your tea leaves depends on the type of tea leaves you are using. Oolong leaves like the Bao Zhong, and Imperial Green tea leaves, for example, require at least three times infusion at a temperature of 70o to 80o.    

    9). Once you finish infusing your tea leaves, your tea is now ready to drink. Have the teacups available for dispensing for people to drink. When pouring tea to the aroma cups, ensure the pitcher is near to the cup edge and pour your tea gently. When you do this, it helps to low chance of aroma escape and drastic temperature reduction.

    10) Once you fill the aroma cups, invert a tasting cup upside down on every aroma cup ensuring the cup is covered so no steam can escape. Once done, take up every pair at a time and flip it up pouring tea to the tasting cup leaving the aroma cup empty. Don’t uncover the tea! This step is too delicate since the tasting cup will have to be heated instantly resulting in sudden cracking. Once you have flipped all tea from aroma to tasting cups, invite your guest or friends to remove the aroma cup over the tasting cup and have a chance to smell the tea.

    The other option in this step is to allow each of your guests has the tea in the aroma cup covered with the tasting cup and let them separate the two and pour tea from aroma cup to tasting cup by themselves. Later you can give them permission to go ahead and smell but not drink. The only convenient way of smelling the tea is bringing the aroma cup close to the nose and feeing the fragrance by inhaling the steam.

    11). After everyone present has smelled the scent of the tea and confirmed its awesome, you can allow them to proceed in tasting and drinking the tea. You will need to sip your tea slowly by slowly in small bits to enjoy the taste, quality, and Aroma. Once everyone has finished drinking his or her tea, gather used tea leaves in a bow for proper disposal, and used teacups in a Kung Fu tea tray ready for cleaning. That way, you end your Chinese tea ceremony.

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    Taboos in Bars

    A bar is a place where people take time off to have a good time. Therefore, the environment should be as chill and relaxed as possible. However, there are some things people do when either drank or undrunk that can make the atmosphere unbearable. These despicable acts or behaviors that spoil the ambiance are known as bar taboos. Being caught in these acts can have severe consequences on a patron.

    Instances of these consequences include: being expelled from the bar for some time or forever if the offense they had done was very serious. Another consequence is being handed to the authority. And, in case the police are included in the story, it becomes a police case. Therefore, this article is going to take you through some of the bars taboos that no one should ever practice when in a bar. 

    Excessive Drinking

    Bars are established to make people feel good through drinking and getting drunk. People have different levels of getting drank. Some people like drinking little by little while others are fast-drinkers. Subsequently, these two groups get intoxicated to varying degrees. The fast-drinker gets intoxicated fast which can make them misbehave. These are the signs of excessive drinking:

    • Blacking Out

    Overdrinking alcohol can make someone pass out in a bar. And being a social space where people get together to catch up with friends, colleagues over some drinks, it can paint the bar’s management in a bad light. Passing out in a bar came to be a taboo penalized by expulsion from the joint either temporarily or permanently. 

    • Vomiting

    Drinking in bars is fun, and when a person has had enough, they always tend to be in denial concerning their levels of drunkenness, and they continue ordering for more rounds. The drinking past the normal level can cause alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is characterized by vomiting in common areas in a bar which is a common taboo in bars all over the world.

    Many bars penalize these acts by charging the victim with the cleaning expense incurred during cleaning the mess they created. If the situation is life-threatening, the bar calls an ambulance which takes the person to the hospital. 

    Presenting Fake Identification

    People tend to take advantage of the commotions which are common in bar entrances to sneak into bars. This behavior is common among people who are still under the age of 21 years and want to access a bar and have their first drinking experience. If caught presenting a fake credential to security personnel in bars, one can be reported to the police who then remand the under-aged in a juvenile center.

    In the US, possessing, and using a fake identification credential is a criminal offense which is the reason bars perceive this act a taboo.


    Smoking of illegal drugs like marijuana is prohibited in very many states. The offense becomes even more serious if someone is caught smoking marijuana in a public bar. Management can take it upon themselves to report this act to the relevant authority who are better equipped to deal with such offenses.

    Hence, it is a common practice in bars all over the world to outlaw possession or uses marijuana. Warnings in bars prohibiting this taboo are always displayed on entrances for people entering bars.


    Tipping is a very contentious yet important issue that has been discussed a lot in and out of bars. Some people argue that tipping is promoting entitlement while others argue that tipping is a token of appreciation for good work done. However, it is important to point out that waiters do excellent jobs in bars and the good work is best appreciated with an appropriate tip. The tip goes a long way in adding to the finances of the people who render the services in bars.

    Therefore, it is a taboo not to tip good services offered in a bar.

    Violence and Sexual Harassment

    These two heinous acts happen in the form of drunk fighting and sexual battery. They are considered among the gravest taboos in bars

    • Sexual Battery

    Sexual harassment in any form is a taboo regardless of the contexts it happens. Be it in a public place like a bar or a personal space like someone’s bedroom; this act is a taboo. If two grownups are interested in each other, they should talk it out to reach a compromise. The compromise can be for the two people to leave together or they can fail to reach an agreement. The decision should be respected by both parties and not subject someone to acts of sexual harassment like groping, grabbing, touching and fondling.

    • Fighting

    Fighting disrupts peace and is prohibited in bars everywhere in the world. Bar fights tend to escalate very fast, and it can involve those who were not in the act. Furthermore, the fights always end up with very many casualties. Therefore, bars take such issue very seriously and are always the first people to call the police in a case such events occur.

    Final Words

    Social joints like bars are established to be a source of enjoyment. Therefore, engaging in such bar taboos is against the spirit of people coming together to enjoy themselves.